Weight Reduction (back only)
Weight Reduction (back only)
Weight Reduction (back only)
Weight Reduction (back only)

Weight Reduction (back only)

What's this repair for?

Your bat feel a bit heavy or unbalanced. 

What I do:

Remove back stickers, remove wood off the back of your bat to your requirements, sand and buff. 

Please comment specifically what weight and other changes you would like. 


How it works ?


Order your repair online. 


Post in or drop off your bat to 11 Fletcher Street, Tamarama 2026, NSW, Australia with a note including your name and order number.
Please do not send your bat with your bat cover - it will not be returned. Thank you. 


We will fix up your bat and send it back or send a pick up notification if you selected pick up at checkout.

Breaking your favourite bat can be an absolute nightmare. We are here to professionally and quickly repair your bat so you can get back out to the middle with it. 

We fix all brands of bat so send in whatever you like. 

JPGavan do approximately 1000 bat repairs each year so we're very very good at what we do - we even work with a lot of the best international and domestic players regularly. 

We are usually quite quick with repairs as we have a specific repair team - it should only take from 1-3 days depending on how busy we are at different times of the year.