Reshape Handle

Reshape Handle

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What's this repair for?

Your handle is uncomfortable and need it reshaped. Options include - Making it more oval, making it more round, thinning the handle, etc.

What I do:

Remove binding, re-shape handle, re-bind, grip.

Please comment what specifically you would like to change about the handle.

For increasing thickness of handle see extra layer of binding.


General info on repairs:

Bats can be shipped in or you can make an appointment to drop it by the workshop. Please allow 1-2 weeks for repairs. If you are sending in your bat write your order number somewhere with the bat, and please do not send your bat cover as it will not be returned

Your bat can be dropped off or sent to 11 Fletcher St, Tamarama 2026, Sydney Australia. If you're dropping it off please ensure you have an appointment - message 0447670311.

How to send in your bat after ordering here: