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JPGavan Featherblade Batting Gloves

JPGavan Featherblade Batting Gloves

The best of split and sausage finger gloves.

Split finger gloves are popular for their flexibility but leave small gaps where there's a very, very small chance the ball can go through and damage fingers.

Sausage finger gloves are perfect for full protection but don't offer the comfortable, flexible feel of having splits.

Cricketers are split between using either splits or sausage.

The JPGavan Featherblade 2020/21 gloves offer the absolute, test level protection of a sausage finger design with splits that are fully reinforced and covered. 

First of its kind and 2 years in the making - finally a limited number are available to the public.

Available in Mens right and left hand. 

Pick up available next business day.

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