Gift ideas

We have a huge range of different cricket related gifts you could purchase leading into Christmas time. 

Low cost

Grips ($4): All cricketers need grips. Heading into the 2nd half of the season it’s always grip to have a fresh grip to use.

Stickers ($25): A set of JPGavan stickers to freshen up any bat.

Repair tape ($8): Necessary for the bottom of the kit bag of at least one player in every team, just in case.

Medium cost

Gloves ($50-80): The first half of the season has been long and batters will need their sweaty gloves replaced.

Pads ($65-120): Pads usually last a couple years but it’s nice to get them on special.

Higher cost

Ready-made bat ($295+): We have a huge range of choices when it comes to bats. These are already made and ready to ship.

Custom bat ($325+): Our custom bat option may not be ready in time for Christmas but it’s a great present to get. Early in the new year we can set an appointment for you to come in and watch it being made if you’d like.

Gift Card

The easy last minute virtual gift card for your cricketer to get whatever they want

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