Christmas Ideas

Easy gifts

It's easy to find a few little easy gifts to stuff the stocking of any cricketer this year. Anything to do with freshening up and restocking the kit bag can make the second half of the season a breeze! Have a look at our ideas below and click the links to see the item...

Grips ($4): A fresh grip is almost like having a brand new cricket bat. 

Bat repair tape ($8): Essential for every cricketers kit bag

JPGavan bat stickers ($25): Freshen up an old bat with some brand new stickers.

Virtual gift card ($10+): The easiest gift of all. 

Medium gifts

Some extra items cricketers may need for their season...

Grip cone ($12): Essential for at least one member of every side. If you can use it you'll be everyone's best mate. 

Resleeve ($25): Bring your bat in to have a new facing put on your bat. This involves removing the current facing, sanding, buffing and installing a fresh facing - making the bat look fresh again. 

New gloves ($100): Fresh gloves for the second half of the season and beyond.

The biggest bat in the world ($100): The JPGavan Tyrant is back for Christmas 2020 and as big and exciting as when it was released back in 2012.

Full bat refurbishment ($80): Give an old bat new life. Includes stickers and sleeve removed, glueing any minor cracks, sanding, polishing, new stickers, new grip, new facing and comes back looking almost brand new again!

Major gifts

If you're looking to be the favourite have a look at these options:

New junior bat ($100-$130): A brand new bat from size 2 all the way to Small Mens. These are in limited numbers so keep an eye out. 

Try bat making at home ($300): We'll send you a raw pressed cricket bat cleft and handle for you to make your very own bat from home! Minimal tools required (as long as you're willing to spend some time on it). The perfect December 25th project!

Custom bat making experience ($399+): Order your bat online and set up a time to come in and watch your bat being made. Over the Christmas period we'll have more appointments available. Just get in touch. 


Pick up is available on all items. Just select pick up at checkout. 

Australia Post recommend sending regular post by December 12th for guaranteed delivery or December 19th for express delivery. Please give an extra 24 hours for non-custom items.